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We believe the world would be a better place if people were better informed and made better decisions.

Which is why we conduct the annual SA Lifestyle Survey, the only independent study of its kind aimed at finding out what South African consumers think, want and need to add value to their lives.

We use the results to help companies and brands better understand how they should be doing business in our country, putting you, the customer, first.

So if you’ve taken one of our surveys before, welcome back and thanks for being part of a brighter future – if you haven’t, there’s no time like now.

Welcome to the Great BIG South African Lifestyle Survey 2021!

What a crazy roller-coaster ride 2020 turned out to be! But if you’re here, it means you’re still standing: you made it through and you’re looking at the future with an entirely new set of hopes and dreams. Which is why the SA Lifestyle Survey has never been more important.

By taking part, you can have your say and show us how to help shops, stores, service providers and marketers in South Africa serve you better and make your life a little easier in a post-COVID world. All we want to know is what you think, how your habits have changing and how you’re feeling about life.

Big thanks to our prize sponsors for 2021